kevin the cobra vs narcos 3ED CHAPTER (Book)

Chapter III – The Hidden Desire
After the brutal and devastated fight of Kevin with Carlos following Manolo, Kevin stands by the window holding a glass of Champagne in the room with bruises on his massive appealing body as his abs turned blue and his chest had scars..
Kevin takes the final sip and he slowly walks toward his bed, he takes off his T shirt with some efforts and throws it away on the floor, his perfectly shaped physique with bruises and scars was more tempting and desirable.
His physique was more manly now carrying all the fresh cuts and bruises, Kevin manages to pull off his pants and he gets to his bed, he lays straight on the bed wearing just the speedos, hisperfect muscular carved body complimented with the big thick cock with orange sized balls was such seductive that no one could resist.
As Kevin lays on the bed he rolls up his huge arms under his head and spreads his legs as he stares the roof, Kevin turns on the music- a smooth lo-fi hip-hop track and he gazes the roof. Kevin thinks about his journey to as how he has reached this place where he is now.
Kevin off course believes that nothing could stand in his way but he is amazed how quickly he has achieved it all, Kevin is the Chief of all the Body Guards of Raul not only in the City, but he commands and manages Raul’s man all over the world.
Kevin fucked multiple times the most desirable boy in the city, he used him to get in touch with Raul, though Billy loved him and wanted his ass to be fucked again and again always by the mighty huge cock of Kevin.
But Kevin used him, he dominated him like his bitch, he fucked him hard and then when the work was done he killed him. The city has not got any one that could suck their cocks as they used to enjoy of Billy’s.
He has been fucking the woman of once thought as the deadliest fighter in the city, Kevin embarrassed and brutalized Bruthas inside the ring in front of his followers and Lupe, Kevin has been fucking Lupe since then and he has turned her ass hole wide and opened.
Kevin then thinks how he smartly got closed to Raul and gained his trust, Kevin manipulated him in thinking and admitting that Manolo was the killer of Billy and he could not be trusted, he wants to kill Raul and take his place.
How Maria was attracted to Kevin and she gave herself to him, Kevin knew she enjoyed every bit of the threesome, her desire to be fucked by a real cock was fulfilled as Kevin pushed him mighty huge cock all inside her ass, her painful murmuring was soothing to the ears of Kevin.
Lupe was so turned on as well, Kevin could not believe he would get into action with two muscular seductive woman and that together on one bed, Kevin thinks of the pleasure he got from both the woman, they were not giving any chance to the cock to rest, it was hardened all the time and was filling all the holes.
He then thinks about his lethal fight against Carlos, He was huge in comparison of Kevin but Kevin was confident and cocky, he delivered some serious punches and kicks to the big man that ultimately forced him to fall on the ground.
The doubters were left staring at the Cobra as he stood in the ring over the body of Carlos; they all praised him and admired the agility and strength. Kevin is considered the most lethal and undefeated fighter in the whole city.
Kevin thinks about Raul, the way he was looking at him was such that he desired him, it was the look of affection, he clearly envied Lupe and thinks of the hard fuck she is getting from the Cobra he sees standing in the ring.
Kevin knew since that day, Raul was interested in him and he wants to get the thick Cobra in his ass. After Billy he had not got any man’s affection and he misses it.
Laying on the bed in the speedos closed eyes and thinking of his journey to here, Kevin thinks his path from here, he wants to go further, he has achieved the most that he has desired and maybe he would move to another city and conquer man, woman through his sex appeal and perfect physique.
He would eliminate all the proclaimed fighters and his name would be called in all arenas.
Kevin remembers that time when he was sitting in his Black Mustang with Tommy, and he was sucking on his balls. Very few knew him back then but a lot has changed, Kevin has dominated since then and he has conquered everything in his path.
Kevin with his legs spread lays in the bed with closed eyes as he feels hands going up on his thighs, he does not bother and stays there, the hands grabs his speedos and pulls it off, Kevin only smiles as all this happens.
He then felt a gentle touch of the lips on his balls and tongue moving swiftly around it, Kevin likes to enjoy the mesmerizing feeling, soothing voices are heard that eliminated the pain of the body. Kevin then felt his huge balls inside a mouth.
His balls were floating in fluid as he felt the tongue over his balls. Kevin was in such relief, it seemed as he needed this after his brutal fights. He was enjoying everything that was happening to his balls, a moment later sucking voices were heard.
The lips were sucking the skin of the balls deeply, Kevin in utmost pleasure could not resist and made continuous soothing and relaxed voices.
The Cobra was hard now, the massive cock was in his full length, the 13 inches tattooed cock was elevated, thick as the forearm appeared with the veins was not a sight to resist, the sucking happened to shift on the cock now.
As the lips touched the head of the cock, Kevin opened his eyes and he found Lupe putting her mouth around the cock. Kevin grabbed her by her hair and forced her mouth against the mighty cock, he pushed her head all the way down until her mouth touched his skin.
Lupe chocking on the cock starts to make grunting sounds, she starts to slap the thighs of Kevin as her eyes begin to pop put and she could barely breathe. Kevin releases the hold and Lupe pulls out the cock quickly, she breathes heavily looking at him and takes off her clothes.
She gets in top of Kevin grabs her huge cock and inserts it in her pussy, as she forces it inside she makes painful faces, Lupe manages to get it all inside and begins to move slowly sitting on it. Kevin grabs her breasts and pinches her nipples.
Holding her breasts Kevin jerks the cock quickly inside her, Lupe screams of the pain and pleasure as this happens. She shakes her head and grabs tightly to Kevin’s thighs.
The couple enjoys a good fuck and after that they lay on the silk blanket on the bed. Lupe puts her head on the wounded chest, as she moves her finger on the scars and bruises, she could not resist asking about the tattoo on the cock.
She always wanted to know why Kevin has tattooed Cobra’sFangs on his cock and she asks him.
Lupe: you do know that I Love you and will always do. One thing that bothered me always was the reason of tattooing Cobra Fangs on the cock.
Kevin: I don’t feel like justifying my decisions, don’t ask me fucking questions.
Lupe: fine!
Kevin sees at Lupe sad and broken by this attitude, so Kevin begins his story of the tattoo.
Kevin moving his fingers in her hair speaks: it was when I was a boy; may be 10 years old, my father had died and mother was sick. I used to work whole day polishing shoes, and I used to buy medicines on my way back home.
On my way back there was a candy shop at the corner of the ally. The guy running the shop was tall, he had moustache and wore a suit he had a wicked smile on his face whenever he gave candy to the children.
He used to sit outside his shop and waiting for boys to pass by. He offered them free candy and took them inside.
One day I was walking back to home with medicines. I was in a hurry so I ran, I was passing by the candy shop and the keeper was sitting outside. He put his foot in front of me, because of which I trembled and fell.
The medicine was broken and wasted. I got up the man came quickly grabbed me by my arm and pulled me up. He spanked my ass couple of time showing he was removing dust.
The shop keeper offered candy, I refused but he saw that I needed medicine. The shop keeper puts his arm around my shoulder and forced me inside the shop saying he will give me money for the medicine.
I trusted him and walked inside, he asked me to go around the corner and grab the money for the medicine, as I did the shop keeper closed the door. I ran quickly grabbing the money towards the door. The shop keeper slapped me unconscious.
I was found later in the ally with bruises and the shop keeper fucked me like he did with other boys. I saw money on the floor, my pants were bleeding I could not walk properly. I managed to run as I could and when I reached home I saw my mother dead on her bed.
Furious of rage and agony I screamed, I screamed to the top of my lungs, since that day I have been killing such man by putting my cock inside their mouth and choking them.
My first victim was that shop keeper and later I tattooed the Cobra’s fangs on my cock, so that I could fucking push the deadly Cobra down the throat and punish the bastards by chocking them.
Lupe kissed him hard as she puts her tongue inside him mouth and she gets on top of him kissing and moving her pussy on the Cobra. Soon the Cobra gets in its full length and she again puts it inside her pussy as they make out.
Lupe watches the determination and involvement in fucking her, she is deeply found of every single attribute of Kevin, his perfect blue eyes, his long blonde hair, his perfectly 8 abs, the perfectly round shaped chest.
She is sacred of losing him now; Lupe thinks that she does not possess such luck that she deserves such a man. Lupe is confident that sooner or later Kevin is going to leave her for any other woman. Thinking about it, Lupe tries to have the wildest sex she could have with Kevin.
Lupe: I could sit on this cock whole day and whole night, I will be your bitch, fuck my ass fuck my pussy, put your mighty cock inside my mouth, let me smell your cum, yessss! I will swallow your cum. Give it to me.
Listening to all this, Kevin jerks faster as Lupe bounces on his cock screaming for more and more.
Kevin picks her up and smashes her off the wall, against the window, on the table and lastly Kevin gets her in a doggie position and picks her up by her waist as he fucks her midair.
Kevin cum inside her pussy and Lupe scoops it all out by her fingers and puts it inside her mouth as she enjoys the hot thick cum all over her lips.
Kevin gets to the window naked as he looks around the mansion sipping the champagne.Lupe grabs him by his arm and pulls him back to the bed, Lupe tucks in the arms of Kevin and they sleep with the silk blankets around their bodies.
The next day Kevin gets up and he walks out of his room, Lupe lay there wrapped in the silk bedsheet sleeping, Kevin walks the long hallway as he sees all the goons standing by the walls waiting for him.
Kevin asks them to stay and not follow and he gets close to Raul’s room, Kevin hears a strong pounding sounds, the flesh smashing hard, Kevin gets close to the room and watches inside through the half opened door.
Kevin sees Maria laying on her chest half way down the bed on her hands with her head down, her hair falls and touches the floor. Kevin watches Raul pounding his cock hard and repeatedly in Maria’s ass.
It was hard to tell if she was enjoying it as she did not mourn, Raul put his all energy in fucking her hard but Maria did not moved, it was clear she was not satisfied.
Kevin watches it all through the half opened door facing straightly Maria. In a moment Maria raises her head and waves her hair all to her back. She sees Kevin standing watching her get fucked. Just the Hard flesh pounding sounds were heard.
Maria watching Kevin and being fucked by Raul grabs her top and she tears it apart, she gets all exposed and naked, her pointed tits could be seen now. She grabs her breast and starts to press it hard, Maria then starts to mourn and scream.
She does all this watching Kevin in the eye, it seems as if she wants to provoke him and seduce him to fuck her, she imagines Kevin in place of Raul fucking her straight in the asshole.
Raul starts to force his cock more deeply inside her, he jerked fast and rapidly, he pushed it so hard that Maria slips off the bed and as Raul pushes it the last time before orgasm; Maria falls to the ground and Raul cum all over the bed and back of Maria.
Kevin getting it all out on the body of Maria fell straight back on the bed breathing heavily, Maria laying on the floor trying to breath grabs her both breast and squeezes it hard looking at Kevin and smiling, she could see through his pants the Cobra making movement.
Maria gets up and picks up her cloths; she enters the bathroom for shower. As Maria stands by the door of the bathroom naked she nodes her head to Kevin, calling her inside of the bathroom.
Maria gets inside and turns on the shower, Kevin watches Raul laying on bed eyes closed, he skips the room crossing the bed and gets by the door of the bathroom, Kevin quickly glance at Raul and he finds him sleeping deep.
Kevin turns the knob and slowly opens the door. He then steps his foot inside and Maria garbs his arm and pulls him in.
Kevin gets under the shower, gets all wet and his perfect physique is visible, his hard core 8 abs and perfect round pecks dripping water was a site for Maria.
Maria pushes him to the wall and gets close to his neck, Maria kisses him all to the neck to his lips they make out, and suddenly Kevin forces her to the wall by pushing his python big muscular arm to the back of the head.
Kevin then pulls out his 13 inches cock and he inserts it straight to her ass, Maria makes a loud scream but Kevin puts his hand on the mouth, she was screaming senseless, Raul could easily wake up hearing the painful sounds.
Kevin grabs Maria by her mouth as he puts his fingers inside and pulls it apart, he continues to pound Maria’s ass and spits in the hole to make it easier to enter.
Maria murmurs and shakes her head of the unbearable force she was feeling inside her body. Kevin then forces her head down as he puts his leg over the neck and pushes her head down, he continues to pound and now spank her ass until it was red as cherry.
Kevin fucking her for some time in this position pulls her up and grabs her by her throat, cursing her and spiting inside her mouth, he then pulls her up by the wall all the way up and place her pussy on the full length 13 inches Cobra.
Kevin grabs her then by her waist and jerks her body on the cock several times; Maria scratches her nails all over his back as she bounces on the big thick cock.
The Couple makes out intensely for over an hour inside the bathroom and when they are done, Maria walks out of the bathroom naked and wet and stands by the bed where Raul is sleeping. She then calls out Kevin and he walks by her passing Raul.
Maria grabs him by his cock and she gently strokes it while she kisses him and puts her tongue inside him mouth. Kevin squeezes her ass and he departs.
Maria and Kevin had a wonderful sex but they were not aware that as they stood by the bed and make out, Lupe was watching them hiding,
Lupe watches Maria as she grabs Kevin cock and strokes it and she puts her tongue inside him, she remembers the trio making out, as she and Maria lay on the bed and made love with Kevin together. She wished to do it again.
The day ends and Raul walks around his room and he gets by the window holding his cigar, wearing the robe he puffs the cigar and watches his mansion through the window. He sees Kevin swimming in the pool.
Raul could not get a clear view from his window he could not resist and goes to the balcony to watch Kevin swimming. Raul leaves his room holding his cigar and climbs the stair. He reaches the balcony and walks toward the edge.
Raul sits on the chair under an umbrella wearing sun glasses and puffs his cigar, he watches Kevin’s perfect strokes in the water, his muscular body is more toned and visible while swimming, and his abs has popped up and hard. His legs could be seen more muscular and thick, his arms are huge and heavy, his shoulders are broad.
Kevin strokes all the way to Lupe on the other end of the pool wearing bikini and panty spreading legs waiting for keeping holding a champagne glass. Kevin swims all the way through and gets to her, instead of taking the glass of champagne he kisses her pussy and they laugh.
Kevin leans back to the edge as Lupe massages his shoulders and neck and he takes sip of the champagne. Raul envies Lupe now getting so close to Kevin and making love to him and laughing.
Raul was addicted to Billy but watching Kevin he understands that Kevin is superior and more dominating then Billy or another man. Raul finally admits how sexually attracted he is to Kevin and he could not resist it now, he has understood he needs to express his feelings and make love with Kevin.
Watching his monstrous thick cock through his speedos and those heavy balls is very seductive and appealing to Raul, he puts his thumb inside his asshole watching him; he imagines Kevin’s cock pushing inside his hole tearing his flesh, making him unconscious.
Raul pulls out his cock as he jerks it off, he is so seduced by Kevin that he wishes to walk right away to him and kiss him hard, put his tongue in his mouth and force his cock inside him.
Raul is shy and could not express his feelings yet, he is afraid that people would know and his supremacy would be finished, no one would fear him, he just watches Kevin and Lupe kissing each other hard as Kevin grabs her in his lap.
He squeezes her ass and pinches her nipples, Raul strokes his cock watching all this gently and doing so in some time, he masturbates on the balcony.
Raul takes off his T shirt he cleans his cock from it and throws it away, Raul then rests on the chair under the umbrella. Kevin watches Raul resting careless, he needs to make him threatened and feared in order to make him trust Kevin more and keeping him close forever.
Kevin develops a plan, of killing the guards in night; he would tell Raul that they have been working for his enemies and he found out about it and had to eliminate every single one of them.
Kevin thoughts of the plan and he executes. On the night when everyone was sleeping, Kevin gets up in his bed, she watches Lupe sleeping deep. Kevin grabs his slim black speedos and walks out of the room to his mission at 3am.
Kevin first reaches the Guard that looks the hallway, Kevin waits by the end of the hallway and as he turns around, Kevin reaches the back of the Guard, a swift kick to disarm him and before he could do a sound he circles his neck with his powerful hands and puts him into choke lift with such a force that the Goon could not breatheKevin feet are firmly planted on the ground, the guard is shaking wildly trying to free himself, while Kevin’s grip is tighter and tighter, the blood stud controls him easily and 40 seconds later he is strangled to death. He drags the body in the storage room and dumps it there.

Kevin sees another Guard by the end of the hallway, he finds a way close to him through the window, he had to walk on the edge of the balcony all the way around to the other side, he does that silently in the night and reaches the Guard surprising him from behind, he puts a dragon sleeper on himbending his back his left bicep is rock hard and cuts his air supply, the guard tries but he is slowly chocked to death.

He sees a Guard by the pool, he swiftly jumps on the ground from the balcony, slamming him to the ground, a couple of swift punches and a karate chop to the neck stuns him Kevin easily puts the Guard into rear head scissors, the pain and agony of the guard was soothing to Kevin as his head rests on the thick cock of Kevin, he likes the feeling of his powerful legs that takes the life out of his opponent, squeezing him to death.

Kevin moves forward on the ground he sees another by the Pool holding a gun, Kevin hiding in the bushes cleverly moves close to him and suddenly delivers a hammer first to the wrist holding the gun that falls to ground, a fast combination of 8 punches in two seconds to the solar plexus have the guard stunned, a judo flip to slam him to the ground and a second later the big heavy guard is trapped a reverse head scissors, the Guard face blocked against the hard ass rumps of the blood warrior chocking against them, his mouth and nose was blocked by the ass of Kevin it took a couple of minutes to be smothered to death in one of the most humiliating way possible.

He then smartly and quickly moves to the three guards that were standing together, Kevin distracted one of the guards by throwing a rock at a distance, the goon walked to inspect the place, he reaches a dark place and Kevin appears behind him, with his arms he applies a rear naked choke, a swift stomp to the back of the guard’s knee, to fall to the ground, in order to have a better, no, an absolute control, with his long and powerful legs he applies a figure four scissor to his waist and calmly he strangles his foe to death, controlling his opponent’s body up to the last dead rattles.

Kevin climbs the buildingwith his great agility and gets on top of the remaining two guards, Kevin jumps on top of one and delivers a devastatingflying Knee to the guard’s temple, before the guard’s body touches the ground, and he is dead. Where the other guard comes running towards Kevin, only to be met with a perfect hammer fist to the larynx, a judo throw to the ground places the guard in a perfect position to apply a front Head scissors.

Kevin like to use his legs to kill and enjoys every moment of his murderers.
Kevin swiftly moves towards his next target he finds a guard walking with a gun and he stands by the wall, the guard pulls out a cigarette pack and the lighter, as he lights up a cigarette Kevin smashes his head against the wall and puts him into a front single hand front choke.

The guard is no match for Kevin, his face is contorted in an agony of death as he dies on the spot.
Kevin moves to his next target; he has been successful so far in his motive and has killed seven guards so far.
Kevin finds another guard walking around he reaches him quietly and delivers a kick on his legs falling him down, Kevin straddles his body and puts his strong and deadly big hands around the neck, Kevin forces his fingers inside the tender meat of his victim’s neck, crashing his larynx, cutting the blood supply to his head and the air supply to his lungs, and the Guard dies within seconds.

Kevin watches a guard walking towards him holding a torch, he sees Kevin sitting on top of the dead goon. The guard shocked stands there as Kevin is his Chief and he is sitting on top of a dead Guard.
Kevin stands up and firmly walks towards the Guard. He puts his hand on his shoulder, he then quickly punches the head of the goon several times, breaking his nose, his lips and his jaw, and as he falls down on the ground, Kevin sits on his chest and delivers triangle head scissor with arm bar from the mount position, one of Kevin preferred holds, so dominating, so defenitive. Again he is using his powerful legs to kill.

Killed the guard, Kevin gets up and walks away, a guard shouting from behind reaches Kevin. As he notices him he delivers a spinning round kick on the back of the head,with such a force that hebreaks his neck, the goon dies before of even touching the ground.

Kevin reaches the pool and looks at a Guard coming out of the pool all wet, after a swimming, Kevin cannot believe at his eyes, a guard that during his working shift swims in the pool,even he is going to kill him anyway, this is unprofessional and enrages him.Kevin gets to the back of the Goon, he tackles him to the ground and before he scream, he has him in a strangle hold, in seconds he is on the verge to pass out, when Kevin pulls out his big thick cockfrom his speedos.
Kevin pushes his 13 inches cock in the ass of the goonwith an incredible violence, the guard could not make sounds from the strangled neck. Kevin fucks him hard, using his rock hard immense cock to ravage his virgin ass, changing the angles of the penetration, rotating and twisting it inside, ripping his ass, every which way he could damage it,. Kevin does not let him go and he keeps fucking him until he reaches his powerful orgasm, lasting a couple of minutes of spurts after spurts of hot white cum, Kevin bring his still rock hard cock out of his victim, takes his neck in the crock of his arm and twists it with a precise pull, breaking it, but not to a point of killing him, Kevin looks at the wide pool of blood that is forming between the legs of the goon and he tells him – I broke your neck, you can’t move or scream, you will die bleeding to death from your ripped ass in five or six minutes, bastard, and you will be aware of your death, loosing little by little your senses,, you stupid fucker, I killed you by my might cock.

Kevin was so relieved and relaxed after the hard fuck in the fragile ass he washes his face and cock in the pool and he continues his search for more guards to kill.
Kevin walks firmly and looks at a guard passing by, he reaches him quietly and forces him to the ground. Kevin sits on top of the Goon and grabs his right arm, blocking and twisting it back with his own. Kevin grabs the left wrist and force he arm around his victim nack, applying a single Japanese choke hold. The arm pops out of its socket and the Guard chokes around his own arm, it takes a little bit but Kevin likes the aesthetic of his own kills.

Kevin finds his next target and ran towards him, a fast devastating kick to his balls, Kevin grabs him by the arms and let himself fall to the ground in a sitting position, bends his legs, crossing and lifting them, his feet around the guard's throat, a very difficult choke, but he has enough strength to keep it and forces him to choke and die.

He roams around for more Guards and as he faces one, just after a corner Kevin acts fast, grabs his head and twisting his body places his head against his own shoulder, let himself fall to his knees and holds him by his head and puts him into a reverse neck snap hold, the guard begging for his life as he pounds the shoulder of Kevin. But Kevin does not lose his grip and kills him instantly, breaking his neck.

Lastly Kevin reaches the room of Raul and he sees the most powerful and bulky guard of them all. Kevin runs towards him, the Guard tries to deliver a cloth line but Kevin ducks, grabs his left arm bending and forcing it up behind his shoulder, leaving the guard's body completely exposed, Kevin decides for a powerful punch to the chest, a deadly heart punch. The punch breaks the rib cage and forces the heart to stop.

Immediately the Goon drops on the ground and dies on the moment. Kevin walks over the dead bodies all the way back to his room in the arms of Lupe. As Kevin reaches the bed it is 5:30 am, in two hours and half had killed 15 guards, a good exercise, Kevin thinks even fucking one of them, he tucks in with Lupe and sleeps.
Kevin the next day in his bed hears Raul shouting, he was scared and worried. Raul enters the room and screams at Kevin. Kevin laying in the bed with Lupe just slightly opens his eyes and tilts his head.
Kevin: what the fuck in wrong with you, I am sleeping.
Raul: we have been attacked, get up all our Guards have been killed miserably we are under attack.
Kevin puts his head again on the pillow and close his eyes.
Kevin: I killed them all, it was only me, and they were not our men. They were working for your opposition, and were going to kill you as they get a chance. And if I could kill them all, none using a single weapon, they were not so good.
Raul Furious breaths heavily and marches in the room cursing Kevin and then the Guards and then to Kevin.
Kevin wakes up and walks to Lupe. Kevin puts his hand on the face of Raul and gently moves it around. He then puts his finger on his lips.
Raul calms down as he has never been touched by Kevin before and he was enjoying it all.
Kevin: You do not have to worry about anything as long as I am here, I have called more Guards and they will be arriving soon. And your life is in the hand of the best, you are safe, Raul -
The day passed and Raul could not get the feeling out of his mind, the way Kevin touched his face, he hugged him and calmed him down. All this time Raul was curious to feel it all and he got it from the man he desires.
Raul watches Kevin and Lupe again by the Pool laying and he rushes to the Balcony, Raul gets close to the railing and he leans on it to watch Kevin.
Kevin laying by the pool wearing slim black speedos that should his erect cock as he puts his hand in the Lupe’s panty.
Lupe starts to mourn and holding her breasts and Kevin keeps forcing his fingers in her pussy.
Raul had to watch this all, as Kevin’s 13 inches Cobra was full in length, The Cobra was hard and could not be managed in those speedos; it seemed as if it would tear the black Speedos and pop right out.
Raul watches the Cobra and moves his hand around his cock; he thinks of the day that this mighty thick cock would be inserted in his ass and how much he would enjoy it.
Kevin catches Raul watching him from the Balcony and he raises the hat from his face as he delivers a smug smile towards Raul.
Raul confused as being caught, he nodes his head and moves back, Kevin has seen him moving his hand over his cock and he has got Raul where he wants him.
Raul has missed a man’s company after the death of Billy and he knows Kevin is more superior and dominating then Billy, no comparison is possible, Kevin is more handsome, stronger, more dominant, more endowed, and much more dangerous, and this feature is even mora actracting for Raul.
Kevin now knows that Raul does need a cock inside his hole and all that feeling and affection is clearly visible now.
Raul now just needs a simple compelling and he would express his all desire openly as he has suppressed it for way too long.
Raul leaves the Balcony and reaches his room again he sits on the couch lights up his cigar and he thinks about his legacy and his business, how to keep moving it further and build it more.
Raul believes Kevin to be his Loyal and he would continue protecting him and his business forever, he then thinks if he would surrender himself to Kevin and let Kevin fuck him he would more likely be caring and affectionate.
Raul could not resist the temptation and how amazingly impressed he is from the personality of Kevin that he is thinking to offer himself as a bait even to protect him and his legacy, Raul thinks that the two man would run the empire alone and would make countless and endless love to each other.
Maria watches Raul over suspicious of the behavior as he leans back puts his head on the couch, staring the roof puffing and holding his erected cock.
She thinks that Raul has found some other woman, but being aware that he had a relationship with a man as well, not in her slightest though she could think that Raul is thinking about Kevin inserting his thick Cobra inside his ass.
The expressions on the face of Raul was somewhat familiar to what Maria used to have when she thoughtabout the cock of Kevin after and before being fucked. But she thinks of it as Raul is having an affair with some other woman.
Maria walks in and gets close to Raul, But Raul was so deeply indulged that he did not noticed any one standing in front of him. Raul kept holding his cock and squeezed it tight mourning over it.
Maria threw a glass on the floor to which breaking sound Raul came back to its senses and he watches her standing in front, Raul pulls out his hand from his pants, where his hand was wet from cum and he cleaned it up from the couch.
Maria asked him what he was doing, to which he replied that he was stressed and wanted to masturbate.
Raul went out of the room answering Maria, but she clearly did not believed him.
The day passed and the members of the mansion wake up the next day. They all met each other on the breakfast table, Kevin and Lupe sat together where Raul and Maria walks down the stairs to meet them on the table.
Kevin did not managed to wear any robe or clothes, he appeared in his black speedos where Lupe was wearing a simple white T shirt that showed her tits and she wore shorts.
Raul was wearing a robe and Maria appeared in her Bra and a skirt, they all sat on the table as the breakfast was set.
Raul stands on his chair as the table is set and he remembers all the time spent in the mansion, he thinks at how Kevin appeared here and he proved himself through his muscles, his agility and smartness. He dominated all the former best fighters and made his place to be the Chief of all Guards.
I could not imagine myself living in this big mansion without Kevin being on my side always looking after me. Since I have met Kevin my business has boomed and I have been able to manage my Drug cartel. I enjoyed him the most in the ring where he shows his deadly power and dominancy and supremacy by humiliating his opponents and crushing them.
Raul thinks all this sitting back and starts to enjoy his breakfast, Lupe sitting with Kevin moves her hand towards Kevin’s cock and she grabs it, Lupe starts to jerk the cock as it gets hard.
Maria sitting across the table notices the emotions of Kevin and Lupe; she dukes under the table and peaks, Lupe stroking Kevin’s big thick cock.
Maria could not resist watching the couple having the intimate moment, so she takes off her sandal and lifts her foot all the way towards Kevin’s cock, the moment the foot touches the cock, Lupe and Kevin gets surprised by this action.
The couple looks at Maria with sudden shock and Lupe holds her foot as she rubs it over Kevin’s cock, the three enjoys this intimate moment, as Raul sits there unaware of what is happening under the table.
Lupe holds the foot and strokes it hard over the cock; she continues to do it until Kevin forces the white hot cum all over the foot of Maria and the hand of Lupe, Kevin then puts his head over the table and he catches his breath.
As Kevin does that, Raul gets concern and he stands up to ask Kevin of what happened. Watching the reaction of Raul, Maria quickly pulls her foot and she cleans the cum with the table cloth, Maria quickly sits back in her chair.
Kevin gets up and tells Raul to relax nothing happened, he just had an orgasm. Raul was confused but did not ask much about it. The four started eating there breakfast sitting in the lounge viewing the pool.
In a while the members of the mansion saw David walking out of the kitchen wearing a formal dress and he was moving the breakfast trolley towards the table, Kevin was surprised to see him as he vanished trying to make out with him.
David got close to the table and he served the members, Kevin getting anxious watching all the members of the mansion together in one place, he was curious to provoke Raul and reveal his weakness in front of the ladies and the Goon.
Kevin: Ladies do you see any real man other than me in this room?
Lupe and Maria: there is no doubt in your muscularity and how manly you are, we have seen and tasted your power.
Listening to all this Raul got furious and he spoke out.
Raul: I have run a drug cartel and have been successful, what else do you want in a man.
Kevin: Raul you have been hiding in your mansion where Bruthas, Carlos and Manolo were doing everything for you. You are just a bitch and nothing more.
Listening to this Raul stood up throwing everything on the table.
Raul: you are mad, how dare you speak to me like this. I could be as good as you and I will prove it to you.
Kevin: are you man of your words. I challenge you, you are bigger and taller than me but I am confident you would not last more than 2 minutes with me in a ring. I will do you a favor, forget the ring. I will make you my bitch in your bed in front of the ladies. What do you say?
Raul: you have been planning this for long time I knew it by the way you looked at me. You think you will embarrass me in front of my wife and your whore? I am different then your previous enemies. I accept your challenge and I will make you cry in my bed.
Raul furiously smashes his cup on the ground as it shatters; he then walks up to his room and calls Kevin for the battle.
Kevin sits there in his black speedos starts to eat his breakfast; he calmly finishes the food and gets up. Maria and Lupe watching. Kevin that slowly walks towards the stairs as the ladies follows him they admire the flexing of his legs muscles and his perfect ass.
As he reaches the first floor he calls on David,
Kevin: Boy, I would need a drink while my two hands would be in action I would need someone to keep pouring my champagne. Get your fucking ass up here.
David: scared and influenced by the personality of Kevin, quickly got the bottle of champagne and a glass and he ran towards the room.
David gets inside before the Cobra arrives and he places the bottle and the glass on the table. Raul watching all the respect and fear of Kevin gets more furious and he starts yelling at Kevin.
Raul stands by the round bed of 6 meter diameter waits for Kevin to arrive, as he steps inside Raul gets jealous by the sight. He sees Maria and Lupe walking beside him, Raul understands that his charisma had persuade not only him but everyone else in the mansion.
Raul is in total despair before the battle starts but as he has said many words about his manhood, he is left with no other option to go against him.
Kevin gets close to the bed showing his perfectly round pecks, complimenting his 8 toned abs, his gigantic arms holding the ladies shows a mesmerizing sight. He could squeeze to death with his toned heavy muscular legs. His crotch was manly to persuade any one in sucking on it.
Raul watching all the perfection losses his half confidence, but somehow he manages to take off his clothes and stand against him in a white slim speedos.
Kevin orders David to serve him a glass of champagne. Maria and Lupe strips and they get naked, the ladies hops on in the bed and they start licking and kissing the Cobra.
Maria starts kissing his nipples and she bites on them as Kevin grabs her hair. Lupe on the other hand puts her tongue inside him. Kevin grabs their asses and he squeezes it hard until his hands are printed on it.
Raul stands there watching them in disbelieve, as they are taunting him. He then gets anxious and angry and tries to get on the bed and fight Kevin. Kevin orders the ladies to stop.
The ladies gets on one edge of the round bed, as Raul in his white speedos walks to fight Kevin. He looked angrily at Maria for betraying him after all the luxuries she had been provided by Raul, but Maria had gotten more from Kevin as he fucked her with his 13 inches Cobra, so deep as never before, taking her to untouched pick of pleasure .
Kevin notices this sight and he added a stipulation in this fight.
Kevin: well if you are that anxious and frustrated at your wife how about you defend your pride, the winner of this fight would get to fuck the ladies first and the other would watch silently.
The ladies gets excited either way they were getting a cock, but obviously they were curious to fill their asses and pussy with Kevin’s monstrous cock. The ladies overly whelmed spread the legs showing their pussy to the men and they giggled.
David stands by the bed folds his hands and watch the two man fight each other for supremacy and legacy, David was active and alert of the order of Kevin to serve him for anything asked.
The two man sits on their knees to begin to fight, Raul quickly tries to deliver a right punch to Kevin but Kevin smoothly tackles and he with fast moves immediately traps Raul in a reverse leg split cradle, Raul is humiliated showing his crotch exposing his short cock and lemon sized balls.

Raul tries to fight back but everything he tries, fails, Kevin is too much strong and he tightens his hold, adding more and more pressure on his neck and stretching his crotch in a painful way, forcing his knee to touch his own temple, he is hooked in such a position that not only he has to listen the humiliating and taunting giggles of the ladies but he is almost in the position to tap out and lose the fight, as the pain is becoming unbearable and his head becoming light for the lesser flow of blood, no matter how much he imagines Maria being fucked by Kevin in front of him as a reward he is just about to break, Kevin suddenly asks him to give up.
Raul in such devastating position he taps on his leg continuously until Kevin breaks the hold. Raul so embarrassed lays on his back and curse himself for giving up. Raul stands again on his knees and he furiously challenges Kevin again saying that it was his luck that he got away with a win, it would not happen again.
Kevin has a smug smile on his face listening this and he offers four more matches to Raul and after four matches the winner would fuck these two tempting asses. Listening to such a pity Raul felt weak and he quickly charges towards Kevin, but Kevin was calm and was waiting for him. Using his momentum Kevin grabs him around the waist and with no efforts he lift him to shoulder height and puts him into a backbreaker crushing his back and his ribs to the point that Raul starts screaming, he helpless extends his arms as he is feeling impotent, none in the past had lifted him in the air

Raul is stretched in the air on the shoulder of Kevin his arms and legs spread wide, Raul tries to touch the bed by his legs but no way he stays there and could not move because of the pain. He is being dominated by a more powerful man, in perfect control of his adversary, well balanced on his knees on the bed, as he squeezes Raul's torso unmercifully.
Kevin likes the feeling of power over his opponent, he can kill him by each of the moves he is planning to use on Raul
Raul murmurs in pain as he begs for his life, few seconds later Kevin slams his body straight on the bed. Raul slowly gets back on his knees and prepares for to fight again; Kevin with lighting speed is on him and with incredible agility, he jumps on Raul's left shoulder with his legs and grabbing his right arm, with his weight forces the big Mexican to fall back down onto the bed mattress, trapping in a shoulder cross lock adding a rear choke, his arms circling his neck.

Raul is trapped as his neck is forced against the arm of Kevin, his bicep is rock hard and his forearm seems to be made by cordled iron, Raul is already weak and breathing heavily, he gets to the point to choke and his eyes begin to pop out, Raul is on the edge to submit. Kevin laughs, he is control and he tightens his hold as he likes, he embarrasses him and shows his strength by ordering David a glass of Champagne.
David runs towards the table quickly and he pours the Champagne, Raul watching all this feels so helpless and humiliated, Kevin takes the glass and drinks the champagne with gusto, Raul tries to freed himself but Kevin controls him easily and tells him -Let me drink your champagne in peace, fucker -. Raul starts to move and tries to surprise Kevin but quickly the blond fighter chokes him to the point of forcing him to lose his senses, Raul is forced to tap out.
Raul is already exhausted, he cannot believe how Kevin is manhandling him, he tried to lift is torso, but as energetic as ever, he jumps on him and his long legs traps Raul in a body scissor, a simple move, to control the other fighter, normally. Not with Kevin.

Raul so helpless gets squeezed on the abdominal by the powerful legs of Kevin, he cries and feels as if his muscles would be torn, collapsing under the pressure, his internal organs been moved inside his squeezed gut, Raul shakes his head because of the pain as Kevin puts more pressure on the hold. Kevin embarrasses him more by slapping hard again and again on the chest of Raul. Raul could not bear it more and he begins to tap out crying for his life. Kevin breaks the hold and allows Raul to catch some breath, Raul lays on the bed breathing deep and he gets up after a while. The fighters again sit on their knees for the final submission, one in front of the other.
The fighters get into a grapple and Kevin throws him on the bed and he quickly gets on the chest of Raul, straddling him in show of power and domination. Kevin grabs Raul's massive arm, crosses them around his neck in a the Japanese strangle hold, and starts to strangle him

Raul is unable to properly breathe and starts to kick his legs on the bed, he cries like a small baby, watching Raul’s weakness and helplessness throughout the fights Maria felt embarrassed and she taunts him for being a coward and weak.
Kevin, whose control on his body is legendary, cannot control himself any more, he is enjoying his domination too much, and his cock starts to increase his length and girth, reaching his legendary 13' of rock hard meat.
Maria clearly tells Raul - you were never the man, you make me sick. -
Lupe joins Maria as well as the ladies are spreading their legs showing their wet pussies.
Lupe that screams at him - you could not defend yourself you faggot, I feel pity for you and Kevin should kill you right now you don’t deserve to live. -
Maria tells him that she has been humiliated living with him for all these years - I am embarrassed now for calling you my husband. -
Raul listening all this cries and shattered weeping as Kevin is still holding him in the strangle, Kevin looking at this helplessness laughs at him.
Kevin: are you the same man that I came to for work and I was your Chief of Bodyguards?
Kevin: you were commanding every one and now you are under my crotch looking at this thick piece meat.
Kevin: you imbecile you are so weak and helpless now.
Raul listening of the words closes his weeping eyes and faces away his head from Kevin and the ladies.
Kevin looks at David standing by the table holding his glass of champagne. He calls David close as he gets up from Raul and pushes him to his Belly. Kevin gets off the bed and holds the Champagne glass from David.
Kevin then orders David to sit on the back of Raul and pull the head of Raul all the way back to deliver a camel clutch. David obeys the command and he jumps on the bed to sit on top of Raul.
Raul feeling all the misery watching his Goon, a Boy sitting on his back and putting him in a camel clutch, David crosses his hands around the face and stretches it all the way back.

Raul could feel that David is not stronger than him but considering his position of already being beaten by the hands of Kevin he is helpless and is unable to move David off him.
Raul being so miserable he cries and weeps the tears and the already beaten Raul taps out, David pushes him to the bed laying on his belly.
Kevin has won the prize as both the ladies giggles sitting there on the bed spreading their legs. Kevin orders David to take Raul to the corner of the bed and sit on his back, he then tells him to grab Raul by his hair to show him all the action.
David obeys the order and drag Raul by his leg to do the action, Kevin on the other hand finishes his Champagne and gets in the center of the round bed. Kevin pulls the ladies by their legs in the center and he grabs Maria in a doggie style.
Kevin forces her face towards Raul and he grabs her by her throat, Kevin takes off his speedos and throws it off the bed, Kevin inserts his erected 13 inches thick cock in Maria’s pussy, she screams hard in pain first but she giggles in pleasure as she feels it increasing inside her.
Kevin starts to fuck her continuously, drilling the Cobra in her hole like a pile driver. Maria is shaking and jerking by the hard fuck and she speaks broken words as she tries to breath.
Maria: ahhhhh! Raul you fucking bastard, I had never enjoyed your fuck. You could not have satisfied me, this is the real pleasure that I am having. This is the mighty cock that I wanted for all these years.
Raul is so broken and he tries to close his eyes, but David makes sure to keep them open and he sees all the fucking her wife is enjoying by the hands of Kevin.
Kevin enjoys the helplessness of Raul and he starts to fuck her even harder, the unbearable fuck is so wild that Maria cries of the pleasure, her smudged mascara runs down her face and she keep shaking her head and screams reaching her orgasm after another, almost without solution of continuity.
Lupe gets in the action as well as she lays under Maria and begins to suck on her hard pointed nipples. Maria feels the pleasure running in her veins she literally feels the liquid in her pussy being forced as the cock jerks inside her.
The flesh pounding noises are so wild and tempting that it was turning on everyone in the room. Lupe puts her mouth around the breast of Maria and she sucks it hard, she continuously bites on the tit, as Maria screams again and again. Her voice echoed in the mansion.
Kevin then licks the asshole and forces his tongue in the hole, Maria mourns and grabs Lupe as she sucks on the tit and bites it as well. Kevin makes sure that Maria’s asshole gets wet so that he could insert his cock in it.
Kevin beings to insert his thumb now in the hole and it makes a way swiftly, Kevin forces his thick cock in her asshole and begins to jerk it inside while holding her by her throat.
Maria holds the bedsheet of the bed in her palms to hold her position and that she does not move away by the fucking force. Lupe keeps on sucking on her breast as she leaves all the saliva on them.
Watching Raul so miserable Kevin laughs at him and Maria and Lupe also does the same, the three begins to insult him of being a cunt and not able to defend her lady, a weak cukhold, a sissy. Maria spits at him as well and laughs at his face.
Kevin solely fucks Maria for an hour now, she was shaking and so weakened by the multiple ejaculations, Kevin has cum on her body multiple times and he once shoved his mighty cock in Maria’s mouth and ejaculated all over her face. The ejaculation was so powerful that thick hot cum was spread all over the face and the hair.
Fucking her for over an hour Kevin let her go and she lays at one end of the bed smiling and giggling puts her hand on the breast as she looks at the face of Raul being tensed and broken watching Maria’s face covered with thick fluid and body all smelled of cum.
Kevin lays straight on the bed as his Cobra extends and he pulls Lupe to him, Kevin then picks her up by her arms and sits her on his 13 inches cobra. Lupe slowly takes the half of the cock inside smiling and as he she takes the whole and Kevin jerks it in side, Lupe mouth opens and she screams of the pain.
Kevin keeps fucking her hard, her breasts move swiftly as Kevin drills his cock inside her. Maria for after laying on the bed after having wild sex gets back up and she sits on the chest of Kevin facing Lupe.
Maria starts to kiss her deeply and she puts her tongue down her throat, the ladies starts to make out and their saliva drops all over the body of Kevin. Maria returns the favor as she begins to suck on her tits and she bites as well.
Maria puts her mouth around the breast and moves her tongue over the nipple meanwhile she spread her arms and around her body and scratch Lupe’s back with her nails.
Lupe was having such a soothing feeling as being fucked by a thick and big cock and on the other hand her tits were being soothed by Maria.
Kevin feels the urge to ejaculate and he quickly takes off his cock, a rapid sprint of cum forces up all over the bodies of Maria and Lupe as they giggle and enjoys it. Kevin again puts his cock inside and begins to jerk and after again half an hour feels the ejaculation.
As Lupe screams senseless and her body begins to shake and tremble. The moment Kevin pulls of his cock and ejaculate again on the ladies, Lupe begins to squirt over Kevin. Maria watching this tempting sight she puts her mouth over the pussy and swallowed all the hot liquid.
After fucking Lupe for over an hour she falls on the bed and rolls in shaking and jerking, Lupe breaths hard and heavily, Maria gets close to her and calms her down, Lupe felt as if one second longer and she would have died.
Laying there for a while she gets into her senses and both the ladies giggles over the amazing and hard fuck that they received.
Kevin on the other hand sits back with his hard 13 inches Cobra, he is always ready to fuck and bring pain to people. Maria and Lupe were amazed and happy to see the cock still hard after being ejaculated five six times.
Kevin Looks at Raul miserable and crying and he tells him- your wife understands how good I am at fucking asses, I want to give you the same pleasure my boss. It is your time to feel the wrath of the Cobra; I will fuck your candy ass, breaking your ass, filling you to places where even Billy never reached. Yes, I see from your face that now you understand, I killed Billy and I convinced you to ask me to kill Manolo, your best friend. You are too stupid to be a boss.
Raul screams in pain, and rage but he cannot free himself by the well applied hold of David.
Kevin orders David to let Raul go and drag him in the center of bed; David obeying every command pulls him in the middle. Kevin saw David getting hard by all the action as his crotch could be seen.
Kevin: Boy you are having urges to fuck someone I could see that take off your clothes.
David not waiting for a second does as told; he begins to strip the clothes and threw it all away. Kevin then orders David to position Raul and bring his asshole close to his cock. David quickly grabs Raul’s ass and forces it towards Kevin’s cocks.
Raul humiliates himself even more as he asks for forgiveness he pleads and cries in front of Kevin to let him go, but caring less Kevin orders David to put his cock in Raul’s mouth and fuck it while Kevin prepares to fuck his ass.
Raul begins to scream and plead to Kevin but David inserts his cock in the mouth to shut him down, Kevin laughs at this and he forces his big thick cock as well in the ass. Raul’s eyes pops out as the cock enters the narrow hole and he murmurs with the cock in his mouth.
Kevin begins to jerk continuously in the ass while David grabs the head and forces his cock deep in the throat, David keeps forcing in and out as Raul feels suffocating on it. The pounding flesh of Kevin and Raul was making thunderous sounds that should the power Kevin was putting in fucking Raul.
Kevin starts to spank his as well to make him punished and feel helpless. Kevin and David taking turns fucked Raul for two long hours, the longest hours in the life of Raul, meanwhile Maria and Lupe licked the balls of Kevin continuously and afterward on the order of Kevin the ladies went to pour him Champagne.
Kevin sipped the glass while fucking Raul in the ass rigorously, Kevin was clearly showing his dominancy and supremacy as he was laughing and fucking Raul and taking sips.
Maria and Lupe then ran down the stairs to the kitchen and grabbed the grapes, the Ladies ran again towards the room to see the sight of Raul being forced by Kevin as he puts his foot over his head and fucks him tight in the ass.
Raul continuously begs for his life and asks Kevin to let him go. Raul cries and cries but no mercy was shown. Maria and Lupe served grapes to Kevin; he continued fucking and enjoyed the grapes. The ladies stepped aside and enjoyed the show.
Kevin and David fucked Raul for four hours now; he was near to unconscious and was trembling of weakness and pain. His ass was destroyed, his face red and swelled, a large pool of white cum mixed to blood was soaking the bed mattress, Kevin raised his arms as he pounds rigorously to the ass of Raul, Raul being half unconscious puts his head on the bed and he murmurs for forgiveness as his saliva flows on the bed sheet.
Kevin pulls out his cock as he sees Lupe and Maria getting prepared to fuck Raul as well; they put on the dildo and march towards his ass. Maria fucks her husband tightly with the strapped dildo and he screams and cries for mercy, Lupe then take turn and she also punishes him with the dildo.
Raul is just on the edge to break as he lays breathing hard, David picks him up and forces his ass to push against Kevin’s cock, Kevin again begin to fuck him hard, with no senses and energy Raul falls on the bed as Kevin grabs his ass and keeps fucking.
Kevin with one hard stroke pulls out his cock to see a pool of cum and blood forming between Raul’s Legs. Everyone in the room laughs and enjoys the moment.
Kevin then rolls Raul to his back, straddle him as he interlocks his legs with Raul’s ones in a grapevine lock and applies a kiss of death lock. Kevin in this position lays over Raul’s body as his pecks are against Raul's pecks, abs against abs legs crossed in each other and crotch against the crotch.

Raul could feel the manhood as Kevin’s orange size balls and thick cock was pressing against his cock and balls. Kevin begins to brief him about the kiss of death move that he learned in a Siberian prison.
In the Siberian prison the prisoners fought for their survival and he was only sixteen and he already dominated and defeated everyone in the prison, even men heavier than him of more 150 pounds, even prisoners and soldiers 15 years his junior. He was superior because of his mighty cock and big balls.
Kevin told Raul that in the kiss of death one hand is wrapped around the neck of the victim whereas the other hand is pressed against the nose and mouth to control the air supply.
Keeping the victim on the verge of losing his senses for hours and in the same time he start to frottage his dominant body against the other, his balls and cock against the other ones, sensual movements that force their cock rock hard, till the victim ejaculates, once, twice, five times and more till the victim is dry and can only ejaculates blood, at that point the winner reaches the most powerful orgasm ever, closing forever the air supply of his victim, suffocating him to death.

Listening to all this Kevin laughs and Raul feel like this is the end and he would be killed so he begs for his life and pleads Maria and Kevin. But no one listens and he keeps crying. Kevin has ejaculated 3 times in three hours before Raul spurts only blood from his mauled cock and balls at his 6th orgasm, Kevin reaches the supreme orgasm, suffocating Raul.
Kevin feels an explosion of pleasure, his cock shooting splashes and splashes of thick white sperm, each splash a wave of unbearable pleasure, his body tensed to the max, each muscles and tendons in tensions, his balls in pain, a pain of pleasure, his brain in shock for too much pleasure. Five minutes later, Kevin still shocked, lifts himself from the dead body of Raul.
Finished Raul he walks away from the bed and move towards the table where the Champagne bottles were. Kevin pours himself a glass of Champagne and turns around, he watches Lupe, Maria and David watching the dead body of Raul.
Kevin takes a sip and he calls the three to him, the ladies and David came running and stood close to each other, the remaining thought that Kevin is again going to fuck us all as he is still hard rock underneath
Kevin finishes his glass and he first move to David he puts his hand over his cheeks and kisses him swiftly, Kevin while holding his face he pushed a vein on his neck due to which David fell on the ground.
Kevin quickly moves to Lupe and does the same and finally she kissed Maria and pushes the vein to make her fall on the ground.
All three remaining also died and they laid there naked on the ground.
Kevin then acts fast and moved to the laptop on the table, he opens it up and transfers $237 million from Maria and Raul’s account to his account. Kevin takes a shower then puts on his cloths grabs his belongings and ran towards the front entrance.
He grabbed the explosive from the trunk of his mustang and spread it all around the mansion, along with the timers.
Kevin then puts a cigar of Raul in his mouth lights it up and takes a few puffs; Kevin sets his sunglasses and his blond long hair, taking few puffs Kevin waits for the imminent explosions, as he heard the first one, he quickly drives away as he sees in his rear mirror the mansion burning in fire.
Long waves of fire were seen as Kevin pumps his Mustang to leave the site. Kevin gets a smug smile on his face as he recalls that everyone has died but he knows that he left someone still alive and he grins at thought to meet the survivor again.

467 stories
467 stories