Alpha Encounters: Fights On The Open Road (Book)

Based on JockBrah's real life experiences, JockBrah has never backed down from a fight. Ever since his first match in high school when the captain of the wrestling team tried to punk him in front of the whole school, Jock accepted the challenge and made the STATE CHAMP verbally submit in the most emasculating hold: the banana split.

Word of Jock’s thirst for alpha dominance spread throughout the school where every muscle bound redneck and senior football player suddenly wanted a piece. Jock took every one of them down, from arm wrestling to bare knuckle fight. That’s when the real challenge came. The school’s principal warned Jock to stop hurting their star athletes. “You think you’re so tough. You wouldn’t be in the real world. Try starting something at the truck stop bar! They’ll kick your ass without mercy.” It was with that warning that an internal spark RAGED in Jock. Why wrestle these beta high schoolers when there’s real, dangerous full grown alpha men to challenge?

That night, Jock snuck into the truck stop bar. Big, loud, rough, tattooed and muscled truckers everywhere. One in particular, LEATHERGUN, his signature leather arm band wrapped around a huge peak on his bicep. As Leathergun slammed the arm of an equally muscle bound arm wrestling trucker, Jock knew this was his shot. He sat right down across from LeatherGun and challenged him to a bare knuckle street fight. Amused, LeatherGun warned Jock. He’s already been to jail for putting a REAL man in the hospital. Would this pretty little Jock boy settle for an arm wrestling match? Burning with anger, Jock locked up with LeatherGun as the whole bar ROARED. The two PULLED as LeatherGun grunted. “This Lil Shit is strong!” Jock smugly bragged, “You’re no Alpha! I’ll show you who the REAL man is!” And with that, Jock flexed his bicep and with EVERY ounce of his strength took LeatherGun’s giant forearm OVER THE TOP and an inch away from the table! Then...SNAP!!! Bone CRUNCH! The bar GASPED! With hand pinned to the table in defeat and his forearm BROKEN at a full 90 degree angle, JOCK whimpered like a hurt pup right into the merciless eyes of the victorious LeatherGun! LeatherGun smirked at his fine work. He just BROKE Jock’s arm in a complete and total upset victory! As he kept Jock’s arm firmly pinned to the table, he pulled Jock in close by the scruff of his neck and with a pat on Jock’s cheek whispered, “Name‘s LeatherGun. I truck drive all over the US, dominating wannabe alphas like you. When you’re a real man, come find me for a rematch and let’s REALLY bare knuckle brawl until only one of us can walk away.” And with that LeatherGun gulped down his huge beer and walked out, leaving Jock grunting in agony!

After months of rehabilitation, Jock’s arm healed but his pride was fractured. Apparently, Jock’s gruesome defeat was recorded by someone at the bar and the “Alpha breaks Beta Boy’s Arm” video went viral! With his undefeatable tough guy image destroyed, Jock set off on a mission: get bigger, get stronger and get his manhood back by defeating LeatherGun to regain his alpha status! Now years later, Jock travels where the road takes him, fighting, wrestling and arm wrestling any and all challengers for cash however he still has yet to track down the notorious trucker that everyone still reminds Jock of dominating him years ago, his ultimate nemesis, the infamously violent LeatherGun!

5 stories
5 stories