Apollo Jackson-Morgan

27-year-old Human male

Heel Face Hero Villain


  • Arms16
  • Chest15
  • Abs15
  • Legs16
  • Ass13
  • Cock12


  • Height6'2"
  • Biceps19"
  • Chest52"
  • Waist32"
  • Thigh25"
  • Cock8"

Muscled pro-style wrestler, known as The Apollo Kid in the ring (after his name, Apollo Jackson, or just "AJ"). Cocky and tough face who's already made a name for himself in the pro wrestling world.

Weight: 232 lbs
Body type: Athletic
Gear: Pro trunks, tights, pads, boots


Since he was a teenager, the "Apollo Kid" as he's now known in the ring, has loved everything about pro wrestling. Watching it on TV showed AJ he was a gay dude, and now he's determined to make a name for himself in the big leagues of the sport, both in the main arenas before big crowds, in the underground fight clubs in front of sweaty, pumped up and jacking gay dudes, and one on one in the gym ring, after hours, with only a ref present to record my win. Since turning 20, AJ wrestles as "The Apollo Kid" with the swole physique and win/loss record to back up the God-like boast.

AJ likes competitive, intense muscle on muscle action until one stud takes over and dominates for the win. Smooth muscular dudes and romantic types to the front of the line. It's the detail of the match that matters. AJ loves rough pro wrestling, but isn't into abusive or domineering scenes much. YHP is sometimes up for a first to cum match too. You'll lose.

Be detailed. A young muscle champion likes AJ gets bored easily.

Apollo is 15-7 in the ring.

Younger brother to 'Jackhammer' Rod Jackson. In love and married with Lloyd Morgan-Jackson. He's amazing.

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