Buck B

26-year-old Human male

Fighter Hero


  • Arms18
  • Chest18
  • Abs18
  • Legs18
  • Ass19
  • Cock14


  • Height5'6"
  • Biceps19"
  • Chest44"
  • Waist30"
  • Thigh31"
  • Cock9"

Scrappy muscle country boy


I never met my pa until I was a man.

The family who would raise me adopted me when i was left on the porch of their Tennessee farm. They named me Buckley, and raised me as one of their own.

As a boy I was wild, goofy, a class clown, and rowdy. I was and still am the runt of the guys, and I would fight other boys during gym class, during lunch, after school. Always a trouble maker, Principal McAllister and I were on first name basis. I wasn’t a bad kid…just mischievous. Working at the farm gave me natural gains, and i was always a fit kid. But when all the other boys are fit, is it really that unusual?

Around 13 I began to work out, hitting my dad & uncles’ weights. And also when i realized i wasn’t like other boys. Like any red-blooded American male, I thought about sex. I loved seeing the nudie magazines and going on websites. But i also began to notice guys in the locker room. And…that scared me. My first guy kiss was with Bobby McGee behind the bleachers one late December night after football practice. Sadly, his family moved away that summer.

By high school I was on the school football team, wrestling, and even made our own powerlifting team. All the energy I had from being a kid got funneled into sports. But…I was still a joker. This got the attention of tons of girls. My body, my humor, even my competitive attitude got girls to notice me. But I still struggled with liking guys. I had an affair with a teammate while I dated a girl. Despite this…I didn’t grow past 5’6.

College - i finally got out of that small town with an athletic scholarship. I moved to Nashville, the big city. Joined a frat, partied, got Bs and Cs. I played for two seasons then a jealous teammate caught me in bed with one of my frat bros AND a wrestler from a rival college. My girl broke up with me, and some fuckwad dug up old texts and videos of me being sexual. I was cancelled - but they made sure to censor all the other guys.

While legally the coach couldn’t cut me for being bi…he made sure to underutilize me, make me run laps, make my life hell. Slowly break my spirit until I dropped myself from the team. For “unethical and immoral activities”, I lost my scholarship and was forced to go back to the sleepy town I knew as home, where I work as a mechanic and bar fight. However…it ain’t too late for me. I heard there’s underground feds. Wrestling, erotic, porn, even MMA. Fuck it. What do I got to lose? I might even meet my pops someday? Who knows.




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