Victor Creed

35-year-old Human male

Jobber Hero Villain Squeezetoy


  • Arms18
  • Chest18
  • Abs18
  • Legs17
  • Ass15
  • Cock13


  • Height7'0"
  • Biceps23"
  • Chest62"
  • Waist41"
  • Thigh35"
  • Cock9"

Big, hairy, versatile and always up for fun, if you're brave enough.


A semi-reformed 'on probation' Villain, Victor's big, powerful direct and to the point. He approves of those same attiributes in those he meets. Despite his rough around the edges nature and size, he's not that bad. Once you get to know him and once he trusts you.

He's always up for a scrap, and despite what you might think he's a bit more flexible than you might expect. He's no pure top, but will be submissive if the other man knows how to work him over and put the 'big cat' in his place.

Last login: today
Start of membership: 2020-04-10

This character's local time is 15:22
Time zone: [UTC+0]



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