Young Buck

19-year-old Human male

Jobber Face Squeezetoy


  • Arms15
  • Chest15
  • Abs12
  • Legs15
  • Ass10
  • Cock12


  • Height6'0"
  • Biceps20"
  • Chest42"
  • Waist30"
  • Thigh23"
  • Cock8"

High flying pro wrestler returning to the Hotshots fed and am now a committed jobber


Trained in a pro wrestling academy at the age of 16 I finally got the break I had been looking for when I trained at Thunders Stud Farm”. I wrestled for a few indy feds check out the list. I was signed up to the HOTSHOTS PRO WRESTLING FED. I was defeated several times so took a break but after taking several months off I was offered a new contract. The promoters have decided that I would be a popular jobber and being offered lots of bucks I agreed. I will be taking on any fed heels regardless of age and weight!

Current win-loss record: 10-34 (latest losing streak 12)

Indy/Private: 8-17
International Pro Wrestling Fed: 2-4
Thunders Stud Farm Fed: 0-4
Hotshots: 0-9

Last login: today
Start of membership: 2021-01-28

This character's local time is 09:28
Time zone: [UTC-5]



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