24-year-old Human male

Fighter Squeezer


  • Arms14
  • Chest15
  • Abs14
  • Legs12
  • Ass11
  • Cock13


  • Height5'10"
  • Biceps15"
  • Chest40"
  • Waist31"
  • Thigh20"
  • Cock9"

Always up for a tight, close wrestle or strength test!


Very experienced and skilled wrestler/grappler. Nothing is more exciting than a real competition to see who the stronger, better wrestler between us truly is. I'm looking for detailed, well-written, fair and thrilling matches. Setting and attire can vary, though nothing is wrong with having it out on some gym mats or a ring if it comes down to it.

Pro wrestling, pin and sub wrestling, or grappling challenges are best (in no particular order), followed closely by test of strength contests. So if you are looking to work up something with a little more story and background, let's chat and see what we can make happen.

Let's lock up and see who comes out on top!

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