• Outdoors match

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Fighter Puncher Punchee Hero

college lacrosse player underground fighter keeps a jacket from everywhere he has won a fight

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Jobber Heel

I love to get in the ring against a jobber or heel. I can be a verbal cocky wrestler as I jobber or give and take. Let’s step in the ring

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Fighter Face Puncher Hero

Escaping from his oppresive country.sum has come to the usa to make a new life for himself. Finding it hard to fin

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Fighter Face

big man 6’1 240lbs packing a small punch in his pants

Last login: 2023-01-15; Last updated: 2023-01-14

Fighter Villain

despite his outfit he actually is a big rulebreaker dishing out pre match punishments and lots of low blows

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Outdoor and nature fighter

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344 Characters