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Fighter Heel Puncher Hero

I'm the Prince of the Underworld (though that's a title I quite firmly reject) and I've broken free of my father's realm to indulge myself in mortal delights.

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Hotest man in the world

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Jobber Heel

I love to get in the ring against a jobber or heel. I can be a verbal cocky wrestler as I jobber or give and take. Let’s step in the ring

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Jobber Heel Trainee Punchee

A fit but clumsy soldier. Always sleeping on the job and taken by surprise

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Fighter Hero Villain

Pretty boy, pretty tough. What’s up

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Fighter Face

big man 6’1 240lbs packing a small punch in his pants

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Fighter Villain

despite his outfit he actually is a big rulebreaker dishing out pre match punishments and lots of low blows

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Jobber Punchee

A gambler who has been turned on and pushed to participate in wrestling, but bluffs and party tricks rarely help in the ring

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448 Characters