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Young wrestler with incredible strength and stamina, ready to kick some ass. Man, woman, anthro.. Anyone is welcome

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Fighter Puncher Hero

Japanese professional boxer.

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Cocky out of position male beta need to be crushed by 300+ Male\female wrestlers

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Fighter Jobber Puncher Punchee

Often reckless, daring & bold, maybe too bold for his own good often getting him into trouble

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Jobber Heel

Canadian pro wrestler looking for action

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Fighter Jobber Puncher Punchee

Heavyweight slugger into boxing and punching in general. Anywhere from brutal to erotic. I also do voice matches.

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Fighter Heel Puncher Squeezer

Riot knows how to handle tough situations. He is prepared and trained for that. He has experience to take care og trouble makers

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Fighter Jobber Face

A Florida based real indy pro wrestler now enjoying HOTSHOTS action here

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just wanna fight, no bs.

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224 Characters