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Jobber Heel Squeezer Squeezetoy

Erotic gear wrestling. Two on one. Tag Team. Fetish.

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Go ahead, think of me as cute, it surely isn't a trap

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Heel Puncher Villain Squeezer

heel coward who thinks he is brave and sexy

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Fighter Jobber Heel Face

He is a fighter specialized in sexual wrestling, he is prepared to break a couple of balls

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Fighter Hero Villain

Make your big muscles too horny to due shit

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Fighter Jobber

Teen ready to kick some ass

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Fighter Jobber Heel

Ameteur bodybuilder who wants to make a name in the wrestling scene

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love frottage, cockfight and footsie

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Fighter Villain

Hi there, I like wrestling in many styles, I take on male and female wrestlers, and in many settings!

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580 Characters