• Broken bones

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Fighter Jobber

I don't train my muscles but my head.

Last login: today; Last updated: yesterday


Solid muscle Sudden death

Last login: 4 days ago; Last updated: 4 days ago


Dominating giant massive fat man

Last login: today; Last updated: 2022-12-17

Fighter Trainee Puncher Villain

New guy on the block learning from the best fighters. But don´t let that mislead you. He can be lethal.

Last login: 6 days ago; Last updated: 2022-12-07

Heel Villain Squeezer

Test series code: Excrutiation. Subjects will be tested on endurance, pain tolerance, and intelligence. Please step through the red door and we'll begin.

Last login: 5 days ago; Last updated: 2022-11-05

Jobber Punchee Squeezetoy

Always moving town to town causing trouble and collecting bounties. Young cowboy looking for trouble

Last login: 2022-12-25; Last updated: 2022-11-20

Fighter Hero

Brutal fighter... barehanded and with swords

Last login: 2022-11-25; Last updated: 2022-10-29

Jobber Heel Hero Squeezetoy

Young Cowboy, seeking to make a name for himself. Cocky by nature, are his muscles just for show or have actual strength? He is willing to bet his life on it!

Last login: 2022-12-28; Last updated: 2022-11-01

200 Characters